Your Car & Your Pet

Safely, Timely & Kindly with LOVE

Would YOUR pet feel more comfortable in YOUR vehicle?  YES, we do that!!

Why pay more for someone to transport your vehicle and your pets separately?? Our Licensed and Insured Professional team can drive your pets in your vehicles to anywhere in the continental United States!

Call today to find out about this unique and stress-free way to handle two things in one!

We are here to make your move a dream!

– Cissy

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Your Car w/Your Pet

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Your Car & Your Pet



Corporate Clients
Athletes & Celebrities


Express Pet Movers works with corporate clients and Sports Agents as well.  From NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Corporate Heads, Headhunter Clients, Celebrities, Musicians, etc.
We DO NOT share the clients information and keep our clients information very close to the vest.  Our drivers never ask for autographs or memorabilia and respect their privacy!

Safely, Timely, Kindly with LOVE