Pet Shipping Agreement

Terms of Service


2701 Elmwood Dr., Bryan, Texas  77802

(979) 595-5205

  1.  All dogs must be at least 8 weeks of age.
  2.  We ask that all dogs are lead trained.  We reserve the right to refuse transport of any animal that displays signs of aggression and/or extreme signs of nervousness.  We may also refuse transport of a pet with any signs of health issues displayed at time of pickup.  We require proof of current Rabies vaccination.
  3.  Should your pet require medical attention during transport, we are authorized to provide such care as deemed necessary. We will make every effort to contact you prior to taking any emergency action. However, if you cannot be reached, we will use our discretion to take such steps necessary to ensure the well being of your pet. All charges incurred for veterinary care will be your responsibility. Please fill out our PET EMERGENCY CARE FORM.
  4.  We request a supply of food be sent with your pet, appropriate to the number of days of transport. We also request that your pet have a fitted collar (preferably a Martingale). We will supply crates as needed, bedding, and bottled water throughout the transport.
  5. We require all cats in a travel carrier prior to driver arrival; we will not accept cats carried out by hand to transport vehicles. We require exotic pets to be securely contained in transport carriers prior to driver arrival.


EXPRESS PET MOVERS claims the right of refusal to transport your pet(s) under the following circumstances:

-if the pet does not have proof of current rabies vaccination

-if the pet has obvious health or behavior issues

-if transporter arrives and pet is unable to be located

-if the client or a representative is unavailable at pick up after driver has made repeated attempts at contact

Any of the above conditions will result in cancellation without refund.


In the event that you need to reschedule your transport within 3 days of scheduled transport date, you will be charged a rescheduling fee of 10% of the total agreed cost. Please notify us immediately with any changes.


Cancellations earlier than 3 days of the scheduled transport date will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee.

Cancellations within 3 days of the scheduled transport date will be charged the full transport fee and no refund will be given. 


The party who ordered the transport will be responsible for any extra charges. It is highly recommended that alternate arrangements be made, in case the person responsible for receiving the delivery is unable to do so.

Please have the receiver available 24 hours a day. (We will make every effort to adhere to discussed delivery times, but do recognize the possibility of weather, mechanical, pet, etc. delays.) 

If no one will be available for delivery, it is the ordering party’s responsibility to make other arrangements, such as a kennel. The cost of the kennel is the responsibility of the ordering party. If assistance is needed in finding a kennel, please contact the office at (979) 595-5205.

Please fill out this form below prior to the time of pickup.







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