Shipping Pets: Health and Emergency Care

We want to ensure your pets safety and health during their pet transport so EXPRESS PET MOVERS asks that you fill out the PET EMERGENCY CARE FORM.  EXPRESS PET MOVERS will be able to provide the necessary care, should the need arise.

The driver will have a form for you to sign unless you have sent it earlier by email (PET EMERGENCY CARE FORM) which will give EXPRESS PET MOVERS authorization to take the pet to a licensed veterinarian if necessary.

Please fill out this form below prior to the time of pickup.






  • In the event the above described pet(s) should become ill or injured and should require veterinary care, the client, as the responsible party, does authorize EXPRESS PET MOVERS to take the pet(s) to a licensed veterinarian for treatment. The client will take full financial responsibility for all bills incurred.
  • By clicking SUBMIT below, the client certifies that they have read and understand this information. the client furthermore agrees to hold EXPRESS PET MOVERS harmless for any illness or injury of my pet incurred during or after the transport of my pet.
  • If EXPRESS PET MOVERS is unable to reach me, the client authorizes them to make any emergency decision they deem necessary for the well being of the pet(s).