Pet Moving Articles

The Internet is full of resources helping you with moving your pets; this page includes a selection of pet-shipping related articles we found useful. Aside from dogs and cats, these articles cover the transportation and relocation of domestic animals in general.

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How to Move with Your Pet

In “How to Move with Your Pet,” the folks at compile an comprehensive list of pet moving tips and precautions. Their article focuses specifically on dogs, cats, birds, fish, even horses and ponies!

HSUS Tips on Pet Moving

The Humane Society of the United States offers a plethora of pet relocation articles: “Travel Safely with Your Pet” covers the basic administrative and safety tips for pet transportation.

USDA Pet Travel Tips

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has published a list of pet travel articles and tips on its website. These go beyond pet moving and transportation, and include pet import/export, traveling with your pets, and a series of articles and links related to pet relocation. Read the USDA’s Pet Travel Tips.

International Pet Transport

If you are looking to relocate abroad with your pet, the Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association International (IPATA) offers through its website a comprehensive pet shipping resource.

Unlike many IPATA members, EXPRESS PET MOVERS only provides ground pet shipping in the continental United States. IPATA’s Homepage.

Pet Friendly Hotels

When traveling with your pet, hotels can sometimes pose a problem. Thanks to Travel Pets, a listing of pet-friendly hotels in your destination area is only a click away: Travel Pets. (Please note that EXPRESS PET MOVERS is not affiliated with Pet Travel.)