Shipping Express pets: What should you pack?

What should you pack with your traveling pets?

  • EXPRESS PET MOVERS allows toys and such for shipped dogs, cats, and other petsHealth Certificate
  • Proof of Bordetella Treatment
  • Enough dog/cat food, bagged & labeled with your pets name

  • We give your pets exercise regularly during their tripEXPRESS PET MOVERS will supply the leash for exercising your pet, but we do ask that your pet wear a properly fitted collar.

EXPRESS PET MOVERS supplies everything else - from the bottled water, toys and treats, to the comfy beds. Of course, if your pet has a favorite toy, he can bring that also.

Rescheduling and Cancellations

To best serve pet owners, EXPRESS PET MOVERS works hard to optimize animals and pets delivery schedules. To this effect, please provide us with as much advance notice as possible of any rescheduling or cancellation (see our Pet Shipping Agreement).