Texas Pet shipping, moving and transportation

Texas Pets Transportation Services Here at EXPRESS PET MOVERS, we provide pet moving services and pet transportation for the state of Texas (TX). If you are in Texas and are in need of a pet mover, EXPRESS PET MOVERS is a fully USDA-licensed pet transport service. To ensure the comfort level and safety of your pets, we staff professional drivers who care about your pets, whether they are getting shipped to or from Texas.

Choose a USDA-licensed pet mover in the state of Texas. When you choose USDA-licensed pet met moving specialists, you know they can meet the high level of standards for your pet that other non-licensed pet movers cannot. Keep your pet safe by only choosing a USDA-licensed pet transporter. For tips on pet transportation for Texas and the rest of the continental United States, please download our Pet Transportation Tips Sheet.

Texas Pet Shipping and Animal Relocation Services

Texas has become a state we often visit for pick-up, delivery, and simply passing through on our way to serve other pet owners. Becoming this familiar with the highways in Texas, we have found and noted the pet friendly rest stops along the way. The vans used to transport pets are equipped with a spare generator and climatized, so that no matter the temperature outside, your pet is traveling to or from Texas in the most comfortable environment.

Our experienced drivers take care of your animals by exercising them and letting them go potty 3 to 4 times per day. They also keep the animals' crates extremely clean, well watered, and very comfortable.

Transporting Your Pet To or From Texas (TX)

Scheduling a pet to be moved anywhere within the continental United States is easy, simply contact us by phone at 1-866-269-5099 or email us. You can also fill out our contact form and submit it to us. This information is everything we require to transport your animal to or from Texas.

Cats and dogs 8 weeks or older are welcome.

Texas Pets Transportation Rates

The amount we charge to ship your pet to or from Texas (TX) is dependent upon the distance to be traveled and your pet's size (please reference our Pet Transportation Size and Rate Chart.) Included in the price are the first 500 miles from Texas.

Contact EXPRESS PET MOVERS today if you have any questions or to schedule your pet to be picked up or dropped off in Texas.