Saundraea Colburn

I just want to thank you (and Alexis) for the care and prompt transport for Missy. We are truly grateful for what you do. Because of Missy’s old age, it was imperative that wemake her relocation as relaxed as possible. When we had no other options (not to mention all the added stress with out-of-state relocation) you made sure to accommodate our needs. We all know that our beloved pets are just like children! Although I’m pregnant and a bit emotional, I felt SO at ease when you and Missy warmed right up to each other and she LEAPED into the van. Every time I called you, I was sure you thought I was a bit “coo-coo-crazy”, but with each and every phone call you always reassured me that you were available and the phone calls were no bother. You are such a trustworthy fun-loving gal; we love our pit bull and were so pleased that you did not discriminate strictly against any particular breeds and treated our baby as if she were your very own. I wish you the very best and for every move forward we will contact the ONE and ONLY Cissy!