Pet Relocation: Information and FAQ’s

At EXPRESS PET MOVERS, your pets well being is our primary concern: we want to be prepared and able to care for your pet, should anything happen during the trip.

This page features pet shipping and relocation tips, as well as answers to frequently asked questions on animal transportation. If you still have questions, do contact us!

For other pet transport and travel tips, not as directly related to EXPRESS PET MOVERS, please refer to our Pet Shipping Resources: these will help you pick a pet carrier, cover air travel and domestic animals, and feature pet transport articles of interest.

Your pet relocation expenses may be tax deductible!

Deduct pet shipping expenses from your taxes!IRS Publication # 521 (“Moving Expenses“) states that pet moving is a tax-deductible relocation expense when your relocation and moving is for purposes of change of employment. Consult your tax advisor for further information.

Learn more about the specifics of dog moving and puppy shipping or cat moving and kitten shipping, the most commonly domestic animals EXPRESS PET MOVERS transports.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is optional and is the responsibility of the consumer.

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There are several pet scams in progress using our website and phone number. They have an e-mail address which appears very similar to ours. They make a very slick presentation and a compelling, heart-wrenching story for purchasing or adopting these alleged pets (usually puppies, kittens or monkeys).

DO NOT WIRE MONEY to any stranger from an online source without thoroughly checking them out. We do not accept wired money, moneygrams, telegrams, or money transfers, nor meet clients and/or pets at airports. Our drivers do not accept money for any pets you may be (allegedly) purchasing online. And we do not sell animals. We are simply a pet moving & shipping company. BE WISE…DON’T BE VICTIMIZED!

Check out these articles from reputable sources:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I ship my pets by ground instead of flying?

Our ground transport allows someone to be with your pet at all times. Since we are climate controlled as well, there is no need to worry when there are extreme temperatures. Most animals that are placed in cargo are considered “luggage” by airlines. We know they are precious cargo, and we want to get them to you in the safest way possible.

What documentation do I need to transport my pet?

All animals will need to have a valid USDA health certificate issued by a veterinarian. These are valid for 30 days. We also need copies of any shot records (rabies, Bordatella, feline leukemia, etc.)

What types of animals do you transport?

We transport all types of small domestic animals: dogs, cats, birds, ferrets, etc. Exotics are transported on a case by case basis.

Will there be other animals on board?

Most of our transports will consist of several animals. We do offer private transports but these need to be booked roughly 8 weeks in advance. They do not have direct contact with the other animals, but they are in close quarters.

What happens at night when the drivers sleep?

Some of our drivers actually choose to stay on board with the pets. They also have the option of a pet friendly hotel. If neither of these choices seems to fit the specific circumstance, they can get a hotel but it must meet several requirements. It must be on the ground level, have an exterior entrance, they must be able to park close enough to keep the generator plugged in and park in front of the window with the blinds drawn so they can see the truck at all times. This allows us to secure the truck while still keeping it temperature controlled.

What is a USDA health certificate and where do I get one?

A USDA health certificate is a government document provided by a licensed veterinarian. They perform a physical and look for signs or symptoms of illness or disease. This is a Federal requirement for all animals crossing state lines and helps us to ensure that all of the animals we transport are healthy.

Why can’t I provide my own crate for a pricing discount?

Because we are licensed with the USDA, all of our crates must me specific regulations when it comes to sizing. For this reason, we always provide the crates which are then cleaned and sterilized after each use.

Why can’t you give specific dates for pick up and drop off?

There are several variables beyond our control (i,.e. weather conditions, vehicle maintenance, traffic, animal delays, owner delays, etc.) that determine how long it takes to get from one location to the next. For this reason, we always provide a pick up window. You will be able to stay in touch with your driver along the way to coordinate pick ups and drop offs.

How much notice do I need to make a reservation?

Typically, we book out about 3-4 weeks in advance. During peak seasons, we may book as far as 8 weeks in advance. The more notice you can give us, the easier it is to accommodate your schedule.

What types of discounts are offered?

We currently offer discounts for both active and retired military, rescues in progress, multi-pet discounts (for 3 or more animals), and round trip bookings.

What forms of payment are accepted?

All of our invoicing is done through PayPal. You can either pay the invoice online through PayPal or with any major credit card.

When is payment due?

Payment is due in full at the time of scheduling.

What if my dates change and I’ve already made the reservation?

If it is more than 72 hours before the first day of your pick up window, we can reschedule at no additional cost. If it is within 72 hours, there is a 10% rescheduling fee.

Do you offer insurance for the pets?

At this time, we do not offer insurance through our company. If you would like to purchase private pet insurance, there are other resources available on our website.

What if my pet becomes ill and can’t make the trip?

The same rules would apply as the rescheduling above. We understand that some things just happen, and we will always to try to accommodate to the best of our ability.

What if my pet becomes ill during the trip?

When our driver picks up your pet(s) you will sign a Transport Form which informs him/her of any medical conditions or medication requirements for your pet(s). If your animal(s) should become ill or need veterinary attention during the trip, this form gives us permission to obtain the services of a nearby licensed veterinarian. You would, of course, be contacted and put in touch with the veterinarian to discuss treatment and payment.

Should I sedate my pet during the transport?

Sedation is rarely necessary. We find that the vibration of the truck typically calms the animals and lulls them to sleep. Also, they quickly become accustomed to the routine stops (every 3-4 hours) and personal attention by the driver(s). Cats and smaller animals are often crated together, and this comforts them, as well.

My pet needs special medications. Can these be administered during the transport?

Absolutely! Our drivers are equipped with refrigeration for medications, and are able to administer them on your schedule.

My pet is on a food that requires refrigeration. Is this an option?

Our trucks are equipped with small refrigeration units for pet foods and medications.

What do I need to know about private transports?

A private transport is one where there are no other pets on the truck besides your pets. You are basically renting out the entire truck for your pet transport. This is generally more expensive than multi-family transports, as we charge mileage fees based on round trip mileage from our Brenham, TX headquarters to your pickup and delivery locations, then back to Brenham. You will still be required to provide your pet’s food, current shot records, and current Health Certificate for this type of transport.